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I am a Yoga Teacher, Ayurveda – Thai Massage Therapist, Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist!
I was born and raised in Kerala, Southern India, the natural home and birthplace of Ayurveda. Kerala is India’s most literate, affluent state and also truly beautiful. As a young boy and teenager I experienced a time …

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The intentional sharing of yoga and mindfulness practices
that support healing and build resilience for all regardless of circumstances,
taught within a context of conscious relationship supported by regular reflection and self-inquiry.

Private Yoga

Are you seeing a counsellor for Stress Or Anxiety & Want to complement your Counselling with Private Yoga lessons?

Group Yoga Classes

Enjoy the Energy, Enthusiasm & Motivation

Hypnose Yoga (Hypnotherapie Yoga)

Keep Smiling & Feel the Life enhancing benefits of Hypnosis Meditative Relaxation & Breathing Techniques immediately.


Hypnosis (Hypnose)

Success Begins Within! Mind-Power Success!

Psychotherapy (Psychotherapie)

Sometimes our Joy is the source of our Smile,
But sometimes our Smile is the source of our Joy.

Ayurvedic Massage

Relax Refresh & Rejoice through Ancient Indian Herbal Massage by Indian Therapist.

Experience of Yoga


Yoga For Self Esteem And Positive Body Image.Discover a Space to Breath and Stretch and Strengthen the Body’s Core and cleanse our Mind of Daily Pressures, all in the Comfort of Your own Home or in My Healing Venue!!


Traditional Thai Massage, also known in the West as Thai Massage or Thai Yoga Massage has its roots in India, in the Indian Yoga tradition and in Buddhism. It combines Hatha Yoga techniques and the spiritual commitment of working with “Loving Kindness”…

Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy

Achieve and Expect Perfect Balance in Your Life.Change Your Perception…Accomplish Your Goal No Matter Where You Are I Can Help You!!

Zurich Indian Ayurveda food BaselYoga Ayurveda food Basel

Private Yoga-Ayurveda -Thai-Yoga Massage & Hypnosis With
Ayurveda Homely Indian Food

If you are lover of Ayurveda Food- North Indian & South Indian food- Masala Chai Or Green life style
+ Green Juice and Green Smoothie.


  • I have been working with Sudheesh for 2 months now and while this seems short, I can feel a big impact on my body/mind/soul balance! I eat more healthily and even started to incorporate some yoga postures in my daily life. I had been looking for private yoga lessons for while, realizing that I wanted to do more than just exercise. When I read the information on Sudheesh and his approach to Yoga and teaching, I contacted him and started my first lesson on the day we first spoke. He safely leads me through postures and relaxation periods, he is an excellent teacher and I warmly recommend his lessons to everyone. I am convinced that he is able to tailor his lessons to your specific needs.
    Melanie Rolli
    Therapeutic Safety Leader Novartis Basel
  • My son and I practice yoga with Sudheesh every Saturday and have been doing so for the last 6 months. Previously, I have tried other types of yoga, with other instructors, resulting in less than satisfactory results. Thankfully, Private tuition with an expert teacher, such as Sudheesh, appears to be much safer and more effective than either self study or group classes, each of which have their own set of dangers and disadvantages. The session includes a wide variety of yoga techniques, from Prānayāma and chanting to sun salutations, headstand (in my son's case 😉 And deep relaxation. Sudheesh adapts each technique to the ability of the student, with the (surprising for me) result than I could practice Sun Salutations from the very beginning without injuring myself. This is a very important aspect of private tuition, and I would not now study yoga in any other way. We always feel extremely calm and relaxed after the session, which is great to wipe out the stress and tension of the preceding week."  
    -James T
    loyal client
  • I have been going to see Sudheesh along with two friends for a weekly private yoga session for over a year now. Sharing the session with friends means that we share the cost. However rough I am feeling on a Thursday after along week at work I always force myself to go because I know that I will feel better afterwards. Sudheesh is a great teacher, he pushes you but respects your limitations. Going to the sessions has helped me physically - I have a long-term disability. The yoga keeps me more flexible than I would be otherwise and helps me mobilize my joints. It also helps me to relax and this helps me manage my pain.  
    happy client
  • I have been practicing yoga privately with Sudheesh once a week since April 2009. Sudheesh is an extremely good and experienced teacher with real knowledge of both the physical and spiritual elements of Sivānanda yoga, which combines controlled breathing, physical exercise and deep relaxation. His yoga sessions are the perfect remedy for a stressful life and are times I look forward to very much. He is also an honest, kind and reliable person and I recommend him highly as a yoga teacher.
  • I have always been a very active, athletic person. I kept an active gym membership, did power walking and Tae Kwon Do. After being diagnosed with a rare non fatal form of ALS, I was no longer able to keep up with any of my workout routine. I was so frustrated as I felt my body loosing more and more muscle tone, balance and functionality. I never considered yoga as something that could challenge me as I was used to being challenged. However, I signed up for Sudheesh's private Yoga class, and it has been such a blessing for Sudheesh's class each individual can do what their body can handle. It is not only a workout that my body can do, but also helps me to find meaning and understanding by listening to what my body is saying. With his help, I am gaining muscle tone, balance and even some functionality, which is helping my confidence. He has guided me in realizing that yoga is not only on the mat, but also in the mind and the soul."
  • Sudheesh is a great masseur. I tried several places before settling on him, and I'm sorry I didn't find him sooner. I do a lot of endurance sports, and had been building up tightness and injuries. He knows which spots to hit, and amazes me by noticing problem areas I didn't know -- or didn't tell him. He's strong and accurate, things you really want in a sports massage. Plus, the environment is quite a bonus too--it's quiet and relaxing.

    – George P
  • He is the best healer and one of the most compassionate human beings I have ever come across! Meeting him has been life changing for me! He has introduced me to a deeper level of understanding of Hypnosis and healing practices, and life has never been the same for me, since then. Blessed to have met and known him! Wishing him all the best on his noble journey in  his all healing therapies !! Love and Light 🙂
  • I finished my 3rd session with Sudheesh and it has been an amazing experience. He has a very powerful yet gentle way of working with you. He really helped me relieve much of my stress and balance out my energy all throughout. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for helping me through my healing process as I also highly recommend him. Miriam
  • Sudheesh has assisted me during two hypnotherapy sessions to help me gain focus in work tasks and creative pursuits. He is a gifted practitioner and most empathic healer. He is patient, kind, thoughtful, and wise. I am grateful for the insights he has helped me  gain and the tools he has begun to teach me to use to achieve my behavioral and spiritual goals. I look forward to continuing to work with him in the future.

I am good at

Yoga Massage 99%
Hypnotherapy 99%
Psychotherapy 99%
Thai Massage 99%

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