Switzerland-Basel-Charges/ Offers in Basel & @ My Private Spritual Home Studio

♥️🌈Embrace and love your Soul & Body-it‘s the most amazing thing you will ever own- Don‘t forget that YOU ARE WORTH THAN YOU REALIZE…!🌸🌻💯👑
Therapeutic Ayurvedic – Hypnosis Private Yoga one to one session at my spirtual home studio with Pranayama (Breathing techniques, Asanas, (postures) & Yoga Nidra -Deep meditative relaxation with Indian classic music on the bay ground) OR Feet, Neck & Head Massage  + 1 bottle Ayurvedic High Organic Green smoothie! 🙂 

♥️🌈1 hour 125 -CHF 1.5 hours 175 -CHF🌸🌻💯👑

 (Or for this set cost I can teach up to 3 students at my studio and you spread the cost amongst you)



      🧚‍♀️🧘‍♀️‘Your wound is probably not your fault. But your healing is your responsibility-
 If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be‘🌿🍀🍁🍂
ME WITH MY HAPPY YOGA CLIENTS! 🌸🌻😆😄😁😊💜💛💚🌞☘️ Life-Love-Laughter!😃 🌸 🌟




Yoga has got many aspects in the west while in India only one aspect. It has to be for the Body. mind and the spirit. People in the west like yoga in different aspect as here many western forms of Yoga are being offered. So people here like according to how the Yoga for them, and how they enjoy, and how they put mind, body and the soul put into the action- So at some point they all can be right, because we all see the world through our eyes, and my right may not be your right..So let‘s respect everyone‘s opinion. :)) 
My one (I have few from Novartis, Rosche etc) Private Yoga client who comes to me twice in a week- even each week he comes eagerly and even more enthusiastic than before, said when he attended other yoga class he wanted to even to run away from the class… but the same teacher can be perfect for other. So all are what you are really looking for.. !! 

And as I am not only a Yoga teacher, (I am a qualified Hypnotherapist-Psychotherapist and Ayurveda-Thai therapist) I contribute my all knowledge and experience with my students. I offer normally 1.5 hours class and I charge for that, but generally class starts preparing nice Ayurveda tea or Japanese green tea, we chat around 30 minutes- can come everything in it, also can be nice psychological move to improve physical and mental health.. then after the Yoga session- Session itself take still more than 1.5 hours including deep meditative relaxation, or if they want to have nice Ayurveda foot massage instead of the relaxation I will give that also- So here time is not a big matter for me with my clients-rather their happiness and satisfaction- after the class I will serve them high organic bio Demeter green smoothy with many superfoods, greens, fruits, ginger, turmeric, spirulina, chlorella, hemp oil, many more.. made in organic pressed apple juice + Some Indian healthy snacks banana etc.. Sometime my home cooked spicy Ayurveda Vegan cooked food also- So they will leave my place without charging anything extra.. they still pay only for 1.5 hours- although they might spend more than 2 hours and all their Ayurveda tea and Green smoothie-Love is the Key here, nothing more..! :))

In the end, it is also a therapy that should work as a team- soul connection- no judgemental- understanding-accepting-adapting- & forgiving- this is what I follow with my clients.. !!
I teach Yoga mainly Traditional Indian Hatha Yoga Sivānanda style, however, I also influenced by the postures from other schools of Yoga when I feel it will enhance a student’s experience. The class will be followed in English, but there will be lots of smiling added to the class, so language is not really a matter.
I add the postures, which is easy to adopt the people who are beginners, experienced people or even someone who never tried yoga before. The Yoga postures, which focus on, strengthen the body as well as the mind. And there are breathing exercises around which is really helpful to strengthen the respiratory system and release the stress of the day to day life and improve the flow of energy in the body. At the end of the class I will guide you through deep relaxation that refreshes your body, mind and the spirit, and if you prefer not deep guided relaxation and you prefer pressured (without oil) foot massage instead of relaxation you can choose that also as well neck or head massage, or a combination. Just tell me in the beginning what you prefer, it will be applied in the last 15 minutes of the class without any additional charge)

Sudheesh 🙏 ☀️ 😃 
Life-Love-Laughter!😃 🌸 🌺 🌟 💚 



Private Yoga, Ayurveda & Thai Massage with Ayurveda Indian food & Green Smoothie


Basel-Private Therapeutic Yoga Breathing And Hypnose (Hypnosis) Meditative Relaxation

1 hour 145 CHF

Yoga at your place – 1.5 hours 200 CHF 

Please contact me with the details. For this set cost, I can teach up to 5 students at your home or in your own venue in the Basel city. The tuition classes include an element of Yoga stretches in the style of Thai Yoga massage making them a uniquely relaxing Yoga experience. You pay a flat rate per class, so whether you prefer a one-to-one or you want to share your class with family, friends or colleagues up to 5 people the cost is the same regardless of location time of day. Or perhaps you would like to organize a regular small group class with your friends, family or colleagues.

((Other parts of Switzerlantravelingng charge and the time can be count. I provide special therapeutic yoga classes and Special Yoga retreats in Basel, Bern, Zurich Geneva Lausanne, Lucerne, Winterthur, St. Gallen, Lugano, Biel/Bienne, Thun, Köniz, La Chaux-de-Fonds, Schaffhausen, Fribourg, Vernier, Chur, Neuchâtel, Uster and Sion..etc.. Anywhere in Switzerland))


 Ayurveda -Yoga- Chakra-Aura -Balancing- Massage- With special Oils- But oils used little bit only. Magic touch done by warm energy gathered hands. Starting with relaxing Pressured Foot-massage to wake up the energy…! 

Aura and Chakra Cleansing revolves around our connection to Mother Earth.
((To remove stagnant energies and emotional blockages the client receives the benefits of mental clarity and a boost in vital energy. A typical session involves chakra alignment and a very deep, multidimensional level Aura energy clearing through different techniques- And done under the candlelight in a cozy spiritual energetic room in the bay ground of classical music and aromas of incense- normally done in the evening!
The benefits you will typically receive from a session includes enhancing your self-esteem, unleashing of your inner power and connecting you to your true self. A follow-up plan is established after the session for further self-healing.
This is an incredibly powerful form of healing for clients who suffer from depression and anxiety and to become healthier and happier even more!😌))
((Short Massage is not available as it will not be affected))
1 session –  250 CHF (1 session lasts 2 hours +)


Ayurvedic Yoga Therapeutic Massage for lower back, upper back and shoulder pain Combined With Indian Head Massage

1.5 hours 190 CHF, 2 hours 245 CHF



Combination of those oils with around 125 Herbs included!

(Using original Ayurvedic Herbal oil imported from India (Kerala- Birthplace of Ayurveda) which is very good release pain and aches as well to refresh the Mind and the Body)
1.5 hours- 190 CHF, 2 hours 240 CHF
(included Indian head massage, foot and face massage)

THAI -Yoga-Stretching – Pressure point-MASSAGE

1.5 hours 190 CHF, 2 hours 240 CHF 


1 hour 150 CHF

Basel-Indian Ayurvedic Deep Tissue warm oil Back & Massage 140 CHF/60 MINUTES

Basel-Thai Yoga Stretching Back & Neck Massage 140 CHF/60 MINUTES

Basel-Indian Head Massage & Facial Massage 140/ 60 MINUTES

Basel-Hara (Abdominal) Massage 125 CHF/ 45 MINUTES

Basel-Thai Pressure – Ayurvedic warm oil foot Massage 130 CHF/ 60 MINUTES




(First appointment – 0 (zero) CHF 😌)

I like to meet client first time in a friendly environment and share your things like to a good friend. So I invite you to my spiritual home. I will make for you nice Indian Masala Chai at my spiritual kitchen and serve with Samosa (Indian snack with the steamed potato peas and spices filled in-Chai and Samosa are totally Vegan) And we chat, I listen to you and you listen to me back…and we build a nice relationship which is very beautiful to understand heart to heart and soul to soul. And this service will be free of cost. You will pay only the second visit onwards. 🌻

Indian food Basel-Ayurveda food Basel
 First visit  0  (Zero) CHF 

Second visit onwards over 1 hour + 175 CHF

(If you and your friends love Yoga, and want any my other therapeutic services and if you are on a low income or unemployed and find it to be expensive at times, please do contact me and I will find a special rate for you



I am also providing 1.5 hours yoga class with certain donation base at 4.30pm to 6.00 pm ish on Sundays for the people who can‘t afford the Yoga class and still want to do yoga for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.

This class taken normally under the candlelight, with Indian classical music on the bay ground) during the winter (see the photo given below) at a very beautiful cozy studio and in the summer at the park.

The address of Yoga studio is Matthäusstrasse 3 Basel 4057, Tram number is 8 and the stop is feldbergstrasse, It is close to Claraplatz. There are many other trams and buses to Claraplatz. If you are coming by car you may have to come early to find your parking as this place is quite in the city. If you are in a small car and earlier just a parking space is available in front of the studio though. 🙂

It is my Karma to help the people and think no one misses Yoga class just because they can’t afford normal Yoga class in Basel – Switzerland. So please write to me for more details. This class has got a very big demand. So please do contact me before you turn up and ask the formalities! 🙂

I add the postures, which is easy to adopt the people who are beginners, experienced people or even someone who never tried yoga before. The Yoga postures, which focus on, strengthen the body as well the mind. And there are breathing exercises around which is really helpful to strengthen the respiratory system and release the stress of the day to day life and improve the flow of energy in the body. At the end of the class, I will guide you through deep Yoga Nidra meditative relaxation that refreshes your body, mind and the spirit- We focus on different subjects each week- Eg: Anxiety, Insomnia, Stress, Gratitude, Chakra meditation etc. . .. more

..After the class -delicious Organic Rice Milk Masala Chai served… And occasionally organic smoothie as well served.. all are free of charge..just sharing.. because sharing is caring.. and let beautiful Karma flows.. 🙂
and we all chat and drink with smiles!:=)Hopefully, others also will start kind of Yoga classes all over Switzerland, to help and inspire people.

🌻‘‘Life is filled with Dreams, Dreams which give our life meaning and inspire us to change. We dream about change and improvement, we set goals, seemingly impossible goals, goals which challenge us, and we dream about the future when we will reach our goals when our lives will change for the better. Without our dreams, Life and humanity would be hopelessly dull‘‘🌻
Life-Love-Laughter!😃 🌸 🌺 🌟 💚



Life-Love-Laughter!😃 🌸 🌺 🌟 💚


Yoga Meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel English


Yoga Meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel English

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel English

Yoga Meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel English




Zurich Private Yoga Basel

Zurich Private Yoga Basel

Zurich Private Yoga Basel

Meditation Zurich Private Yoga Basel Meditation

Zurich Yoga meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel

Zurich Yoga meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel

Zurich Yoga meditation Ayurveda Hypnosis Basel