love, family, phychology and happiness concept - young couple hugging at psychologist officePsychotherapy Basel (Psychotherapie)

….Healing from within . . .

What is Psychology?

 Psychology can be broadly defined as the study of the human mind and behavior. It is a systematic approach to the understanding of people, their thoughts, emotions and behavior. The application of this understanding helps to solve human problems. It involves a comprehensive understanding of emotional issues at the deep root level, which brings about health, happiness and functionality in the client. The study of psychology allows one to appreciate the relationship between thoughts, emotions and the resulting behavior. Behavior is understood in context of both, the physical and social conditions.

Psychotherapy- is a healing art. Healing begins by tending to our wounds and the places where we have stopped growing. Wounds often leave us cut off and fragmented. Healing helps us to return to our wholeness and to come fully alive.

 As an art, this work requires creativity. Creativity begins with our desire. We must explore who we fundamentally are–our gifts, drives, and potentials. We continue our exploration until we reach the depth of our spirit–our generative source. It is from here, where true healing comes. This work is challenging and not meant to be done alone. Healing takes place within the nurturing environment of human relationship.