The role of spiritual counseling is to address our nature as spiritual beings living in a material world.
Life is a journey and we each have our own individual paths. While each journey is unique, we still can find others who have faced similar points of interest, obstacles, and cross-roads. In sharing our path, we frequently find comfort in our common experiences but at other times may face challenges in our relationships that impede our progress and our joy.

It is important to remember and recognize that we are the creators of our journey; we are not the journey itself. We are spiritual beings living in a physical dimension. We have experiences, but our experiences are not who we are. We may not be able to control all of the experiences we have, but we can control how we respond to these life events.
The key to a joyful journey is recognizing the obstacles, and how we respond or react to these obstacles. Some common obstacles include but not limited to are:

Ego defenses which cause an emotional reaction such as fear, anger, sadness, aggression, etc

Living in the past, projecting into the future vs. living in the “Now”
Continuing to live by rules that are not working
Spiritual Counseling reconnects us to our Source Being as a way to remedy our feelings of disconnection or isolation—that original break in belonging. This leads many of us to seek lives of peace and contentment rather than losing our way by becoming seduced by things that distract us from the Truth.
Spiritual counseling practice teaches us that our original state is a pure expression of the Love of God. The Love that we seek can be found within the jewel of our own hearts, if we pause and listen to that “still small voice inside”.
My approach honors where you are on your own unique journey—regardless of particular religious or spiritual perspectives. As an ordained Interfaith Minister, I endeavor to restore a sense of balance to your sense of “being in this world but not of it”.
In addition , spiritual counseling teaches effective prayer and manifestation techniques, as well as how to see the big picture or meaning to our lives. We can do this through various methods of meditation—including the use of visualization, mantra, and spiritual chanting.
My spiritual counseling practice empowers you to focus in the present moment—in the here-and-now wherever you are—with ease and self-confidence, as you directly experience the love of God for yourself and others.
Spiritual consultation packages for solutions to various physical, mental and spiritual problems in your life!!